Well here we go again. Another edition of Pelobates and again my warmest gratitude goes out to those who have put a little effort into the club magazine. Now I think is the time for a whinge. One privilege of being editor is that there are times when you can use the magazine as a personal message system. For those uninterested - please turn over.

When sending out Pelobates last time I had a call from someone who shall remain nameless demanding (in rather brusque tones if I may say) where his copy was.

To the person who left that message on my answer phone here is why "your" Pelobates was late...

Item cost
Paper used for main body of text 2400 sheets £0
Envelopes used £0
Stuffing and sticking (3 hours) £0
Sorting and stapling (4 hours) £0
Printing (2 hours) £0
Photocopying (6 hours) £0
Postage £31.20
Cover card £4.10
Editorial time (18 hours) £0
Distribution £0

Total time spent on production 33 hours or 4.8 man days.
Average cost of magazine £0.31p

Are you reading me loud and clear ? The editor puts up with a fair bit of stick from some members - though they are usually contributors, previous editors or in some way have a fair point. However. And I ask this both personally and in a wider sense - why are the real complaints from people who have never written anything ?
Answers on a postcard - funniest wins a bottle.


Whinge over.

In an effort to gain more articles your beloved [and now slightly happier] ed. Has decided to go proactive. Apart from the usual begging I will identify non contributors of note in this edition and nominate them for an article in the next episode. Hopefully the shame will generate a few lines..

Guidelines for "guest" contributors
Article: 500 words on disk. IBM PC format Word 6.0 or 7.0
Topic: To be announced

To all my usual contributors I once again thank you - your reward is as ever the contented silence that falls upon the cottage when the mag gets handed out. It is not my work they lap up with glee - it is yours. Keep up the good work.

On to less mundane matters. This episode contains no less than 3 articles of members caving overseas. A good sign no less. Again they are of the quality and interest we have come to expect - Spain and Germany as well as Slovakia. The club does get about a bit...


Simon Davies

In the next edition of Pelobates...

· Guest writer ANDY TODD will provide an article of his choice !
· Trip reports from:-

· Spain
· West Wales
· Slovenia
· Scotland (and Peru)

· Controversy
· Book reviews

Now is the chance to reserve YOUR copy available at the annual dinner. Mainly by just turning up !