GP (members weekend)
Friday, 7 Novem (All day) to Sunday, 9 November, 2014 (All day)

Chairman's 60th!!!

Greetings all.

One of the Club's most popular weekends away at our cottage, is coming up soon. I will say a little about it for the benefit of our new members (of which we have several hoping to attend). Our traditional November meeting, with caving or walking in the daytime followed by a fireworks party is always well attended and a lot of fun.

This year, a local farm up the hill, Garag Fawr, will be putting on a bonfire, fireworks and BBQ-style food.

Most members take the 20 minute walk join in the party and meet the villagers, it's a nice community function. The Burgers and soup are usually good value (and many members take the opportunity to purchase their evening grub here instead of cooking for themselves, worth remembering).

After the fireworks we walk back down and will light our own bonfire in the garden. Chris Crowley, appoints himself Fire-starter/ fire Officer in charge of additional incendiary materials to ensure a bright blaze/ Pyrotechnics technician and Unsafety Officer. If any members have interesting and amusing displays of their own invention, this is the stage to show them off.....

Of course the New Inn pub is open and welcoming, that is where the evening usually finishes.

Members attending the firework party are asked to bring just one or two larger fireworks rather than a box of smaller fireworks.

Hoping to see a huge turnout again for a fun weekend. Plan your caving trips. Anyone up for Smith's Armoury in OFD? I'm still mulling it's unsafe and scary. Will need an early start to get back for the fireworks.

Regards all
Steve Murray

PS As I'm celebrating a "special" big birthday on 31/10 I will supply some cake for everyone, later on the Saturday night :-))