Cottage extension

I am sure that the vast majority of you are aware of the plans to extend the cottage in the near future with the intention of replacing the old shed (which is rotting away). In it's place we are planning to provide new toilet and shower facilities, a new workshop and drying room and also the provision of a library. Extra bunk spaces were considered but deemed unnecessary as the cottage is rarely full.

It has been decided to try and persuade Croydon members to design the layout of the proposed extension and to aid this the cottage was recently surveyed and plans of the existing cottage drawn up. The following pages contain that survey including plans, sections and elevations.

The new extension must be stepped back from the front of the existing cottage by at least 150mm (6") and if possible contain a new staircase to serve the existing bunk area. This is a requirement of the National Parks. All the drawings are in a single AutoCAD Release 13 file and so can be supplied as either a DWG or DXF file. If you are seriously interested in designing an extension proposal please call me and I will supply a set of four A1 drawings from which this article has been created including more sections and elevations at a useful scale. If you want a copy of the file on disk please send a blank 3.5" diskette to me and I'll return it a soon as possible.

At some point later this year we will put the best ideas on display at the cottage for comment by all members before a final scheme is chosen. Construction details will not be finalised until way after this date so just use sensible dimensions to set out a rough design and don't worry about details. Remember, it is NOT your drawing skill that is important but your IDEAS. This is a great chance for you to have a significant impact on the club so don't pass it up.

If you are really stuck for ideas on sizes of toilets, showers, stairs etc. I can supply a set of photocopies from the New Metric Handbook which supplies standard sizes from toilets to aircraft hangers. I've extracted a few items to help you decide on sizes etc. and come up with a viable design.

Hopefully you will all have a go on the spaces provided on the A3 pages (that's why the drawings are off-centre) and contribute to the scheme. No one idea will probably win but the best ideas from a selection will probably be used to create our final design.

You can contact me on the numbers at the top of the diary or fax me on XXXXX-XXXXXX with your requirements.