DYO Regained

Although I had been a DYO `leader' for many years, following the advent of foot and mouth and a new warden system which required difficult insurance conditions and a much larger annual payment I had let access lapse. This year however I finally managed to regain `warden' status as it is now called and led two visits. The first of these was not very successful as when we got to the entrance lakes there was only a small airspace and as the weather wasn't stable had to abort the trip. We did however follow the river in for as far as possible and looked at some of the other `sights', so the day wasn't a complete failure.

Another trip was attempted on the August bank holiday and this was more successful. I took a party on the round trip, more or less remembering the route; the cold viscous water of the green canal proved to be the usual challenge and Annette Price made an unexpectedly rapid descent of the Elephant's hole using Neil Montgomery as soft(ish) landing deflector!

The trip had to end by 4.00pm as there is now some involved procedure for getting a key to get out after the show cave shuts so the trip wasn't as complete as I would have liked. More trips next year.

Chris Crowley