Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. Well that is enough of the unnecessary festivities. Moving on to serious matters.

1) The annual general meeting. This will be held 1 Feb 1997 at the Swan and Sugar Loaf public house in the glorious sunny climes of south Croydon. The meeting will be held at 4pm. This is a slight alteration on previous years, this is due to the interminable duration of the event. Up until now the meeting has dragged on till closing and then we try and get into a crowded Indian etc. etc. So this year the hordes of members who feel that they wish to influence the direction and behaviour of the club should turn up nice and early and then at about 7pm we head out for a decent meal and piss up.

2) Articles. Some of the more persistent, not to say annoying, club members have been pestering me for this magazine. Well I answer, where are the articles to publish ? The reason for the delay is due to the lack of meaty articles for me to publish. That being said, it hadn't escaped my notice that rather a large amount of caving had been going on. Strange - you know I could have sworn that with all these people going caving and away on trips, that I would have more articles that I knew what to do with ! - GET THE MESSAGE MORE ARTICLES = MORE MAGAZINES YOU IDLE BASTARDS !

3) Ho hum. The review of the year. I personally think that this has been quite a good year for Croydon. Membership has edged close towards the 100 mark. I have been on several great trips, including a week in Yorkshire, A week in matienzo and a week in the vercors as well as the usual plethora of entertainment at the cottage. Caving club members have been to New Zealand caving and even to the Philippines. I think the club is truly becoming a far more attractive as a club that is involved in lots of projects. While not directly involved in the organisation (well that would be too much to ask) we can look to any of the big caving projects and the chances are that there will be a Croydon member lurking under an assumed name somewhere. I think that it is this that provides the best ambassadorial service for the club. The club hasn't tried any large scale "club" expeditions for a while (no surprise there) but as a club we remain well connected and respected in the caving world. Next year promises to great and hopefully it will also involve a lot of overseas work. Personally I am heading off for SE Asia in March for 5 weeks caving and promise to write it up when I get back.

Enough prattling, enjoy this slightly larger than normal issue.

Simon Davies