Mites and Tites Clints and Grikes

Ah ha I hear you cry ! More fun and jocularity from the boys down the pub !! Well Yes !!

Readers of previous sections will be relieved to find several references to Mr Fry and once again he has proved a rich source of data !

Such gems as:-

·"Have you seen Vicki's pan handle ?" Admittedly he was wandering around the camp sit looking for a trangia handle.
"Its all right they're all girls" - While clambering into a field full of bullocks !
"That's Grease that is!" Patting his paunch but referring to his weight gaining summer holiday
"Don't worry - its big down here" - about to go on a 6 hour surveying trip spent entirely flat out !

Though having said that Paul Stacey was not immune to the odd one -

"Its not tight - its small - please tie the compass and clino to my feet and I'll drag them through" - and people wonder how he finds so much passage ?!

Competition answers

For those of you who bothered here are the answers to the logic problem - many thanks to Mr Christian for both.

The Red Dragon CC were in Dwarf's oxbow where the way on was blocked by a sump in the Venturi.
The cave Bubbles group were in Swillbin's Hole where the way on was too tight in the Nether Regions.
Mechanical Speleo Group were in Netherne's ditch where a boulder choke stopped them in Sidewalk Passage.
Cretaceous Caving Club were in Abermellte Master Cave where they ran out of bolts in Ethereal Aven.
Marylebone Caving club were in Birnam Wood cave where they met a blank wall in Nematodes delight.

Now turn overleaf for this month's Handy Caving Hint