Club and Cottage news

The Club Library

Is now at Bernard and Linda's new house in Sennybridge, contact Linda


No equipment has been purchased this year.

An inventory of our kit will be published at some point.  Probably half the stuff that I have could / should be disposed of - mainly rope and old Oldham lamps (but keep the headsets) as it is over 20 years old.

-- Neil Montgomery

Croydon Caving Club AGM

The 51st AGM of Croydon Caving Club will be held on Saturday 7th March at Ystradfellte Village Hall, Ystradfellte, CF44 9JE, South Wales from 19.30.

See the previous AGM minutes and agenda for the 51st AGM.

Godre Pentre new roof tiles - July 2014

2014 was another successful year for the cottage.

Several improvement projects were completed the main one was to re-roof the rear of the cottage - this work was undertaken by some of the members (and others).

The current proposal for 2015 is that we complete the front roofing and replace the water pipe.

Chris Crowley


Due to work i've had less free time to devote to the website over the last year, but its growing gradually.  Older Pelobates are gradually being OCR'd and added as time allows.

Many thanks to Graham Denton for scanning a lot of earlier Pelobates and journals.  Also thanks to Andy Todd for his huge archive.

This year it would be good to get a catalogue of the club library online.  Any help would be much appreciated - for the books this could be as simple as photographing the inside front cover with the ISBN number.  With ISBN numbers a catalogue could be auto-generated with titles, covers and descriptions.  The magazines involve more work but could just be summarised to start with.

Importantly, the site now needs some work to give better useability with mobile devices.

We're still getting a huge amount of interest from David Icke's forum, the latest theory being that the earth has been hollowed out by a super-intelligent race and an entire alternative civilisation exists miles below the earth's crust.
Many of the cavities we regard as caves were in fact formed due to their mining operations using high technology lasers.  Their wars are sometimes felt as earthquakes on the surface...

-- Pete

Chris Crowley