Competition Corner

1 The Photo competition will be held at the annual dinner the categories are as follows:-

1.1 Digging
1.2 Caves and Cave life
1.3 Humour / Club activities
1.4 Best overall print
1.5 Best overall Slide

The competition will have a celebrity judge and the club will fund a variety of prizes. So get snapping !! If you want to enter talk to Tania Davies / Chris Fry.

2 The next competition is for the design of the new club fleece. The idea is to come up with the idea for a design to go on the left breast of a new club fleece. The fleece has attracted some interest from various members. It is envisaged that it will cost around £45 and be a double thickness, windproof lined "Daleswear" variety. Entries to the editor. We hope to have them ready for the winter months.

3 The caption competition, while provoking some jocularity down the pub produced few entries. (In fact one was received on paper !) Since the entry came from the owner of the picture - we cant very well award the prize !

4 Graham has very kindly provided us with a bit of a conundrum. This is for fun and down the pub. Answers next time !!!


1 The first team to fail under ground that weekend were pushing a phreatic tube, the venturi, in Dwarf's Oxbow; Sidewalk passage is not located in Swilbins Hole
2 It was in Birnham wood Cave that a promising looking passage ended suddenly in a blank.
3 Mechanical Speleo group were exploring Netherne's ditch; they did not run out of bolts.
4 Marylebone Caving Club were at Nematode's delight; they were not the last group to be disappointed, whose ventures were brought to an unexpected end at a boulder choke.
5 Rumours of other failures had filtered through by the time the Cave Bubbles Group, who were not too surprised, were stopped by a 4" bedding plane; this was not in the Abermellte Master Cave
6 It was at the Etherial Aven that a lack of bolts produced a profusion of oaths; Red Dragon CC members do not swear (much !)