ial (Editor wasn't present)

Wow, what is it? A bird, a plane, your morning train on time? No! Even rarer! Pelobates! Fresh from the printing presses at Godre Pentre comes issue number XX of this must have magazine. 'But it's not Christmas?' I here you cry. Well, your hard working committee has been slaving away all weekend down the cottage surrounded by computers and printers creating this well honed tome you hold before you. This issue has been produced to bring you up to date with the latest goings on in the club including the current diary and recent trip reports from members.

This year has been interesting for the club (and we haven't even let Chris near the bonfire yet although he has massacred a bush and two trees in advance).

The year started quietly enough with the AGM. This year we moved to a new location of The White Lion in Redhill. This was done for a few reasons including easier access for those living outside London and negate the need to drive after the AGM itself as the drinking and sleeping location was only 3 minutes' walk away.

The second bank holiday provided a late night for us all, the large rescue of a girl out from OFD. I can gladly report that CCC responded well with around 17 members. Many members were underground for over 10 hours and this was after a full day caving beforehand. Later in the magazine you'll find reports from those involved from various stages of the rescue.

The August bank holiday provided 5 members with their first chance to experience the wonders of Otter Hole. This now classic trip has been missing from the CCC calendar for too many years now and all welcomed the chance to address this. For those that haven't been yet please get in touch with the Caving Secretary, James Thorne.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I'll leave you in peace to read the magazine and hope to see you all down the cottage soon.