Well, another year draws to a close, and with it the opportunity of an effortless editorial presents itself. Because at this time of year, it is easy to cast my mind back over the previous twelve months and mention all of the notable events that occured.

And there are some notable events. Most recently, the bonfire party and pig roast in South Wales was a resounding success - one of the most enjoyable social events I have ever attended at Godre Pentre - for which we owe a special vote of thanks to Chris Grimmet and Sheelagh Halsey. Then there was the University of Cardiff Berger expedition in September which several Croydon members participated in. This too was an exceptionally enjoyable event coordinated by several joint University of Cardiff/Croydon members. And the barbeque/social weekend at Allan Ockenden's farm near Croydon in June was also very memorable.

Unfortunately, what appear to be lacking from last year's activities are any outstanding caving weekends. I believe that trips have taken place to Yorkshire and Mendip aswell as the usual South Wales weekends, but there is nothing particularly noteworthy that I can think of. Which leads me to the question, why is this? What was it about these other events that made them so good that is lacking in our caving program?

And the obvious thing I can think of is leadership. All of the above events have one thing in common: they were organised by one person or group of people with enough motivation to inspire others and hence make them into something extraordinary. So why can't we achieve the same result with regular caving weekends?

Well, I believe that we can. All that is needed is a little organisation. Rather than just publishing a caving program and hoping that people will turn up, how about letting individual members organise weekends. With pre-booked and pre-planned trips I am sure that we can escape the "What shall we do today?" lethargy we are so familiar with.

Steve Wray