Caving Crossword No. 2

Across 1: Popular Croydon Magazine. 6: English beverage and downpour. 8: Otter Hole's sump recedes. 9: A northern pot, to go with Jack? 12: Quasimodo's back gets upset when he doesn't make it with the girls. 13: Adjective for grunts, after a long digging trip using an altered F diet. 14: Our infamous adopted cave. 18: Slag Ogof contains "in eager excitement" - you'll be surprised. 20: Jumbled dimensions in relative time and space gives who's ultimate four dimensional vehicle? 22: A drug to equal velocity - no downer this, Eric. 23: Wray Steve without his stewy gives a modern disco, Helen. 24: Demoted naval rifleman dives three times as underwater transport.

Down 1: A sticky black climb. 2: Noisy explosive. 3: Found on the end of bovine's SRT rigs - a short story. 4: Who sent in an answer to crossword No 1? Do lost from Noddy and Boo anagramatically should help. 5: Peter's lavatory gives a tough wet terrain to cross. 7: A dentistic Mendipean is repairing Eileen, initially, to love from afar. 10: My reader is spending his time tiddly without TD. 11: The end of Ogof Cul backwards? 15: Adrian's left middle corrected to remove an emasculated ride. 16: An Egyptian snake following half a horse shows her surprise. 17: Tell this alien government department where to go. 19 and 14: Our home in Wales. 20: Knots around the neck. 21: South Wales caving club found in the back of descent.

Jim Morris