Cottage News

A major project to insulate the floor of the main room and put
in a DPM and heating coil was completed at a cost of about
£1400 –this has substantially improved the habitability of the
cottage cutting down the dampness and making it warmer
.The heating coil will either be connected to the oil boiler or
possibly solar panels –Thanks to all those to helped with the
work. We acquired a small dehumidifier for the shed which
has noticeably improved the drying (Thanks to Adrian Clarke).

Earlier in the year we contacted the owners of the
field at the back and asked if we could buy a strip of land
similar to next doors –they however they said that they didn’t
want to do another land sale in 2010 so we will probably ask
them again in 2011. During the first half 2010 the cottage was
well used by mainly non caving groups however the bookings
in the second half declined presumably due to the economy
and possibly the lack of a pub –if you know of any groups
who would maybe like to use it please let me know .

At the time of writing the New Inn is still shut –having
closed for a ‘month’ at the end of July for refurbishment it
was supposed to reopen with a new landlord.

Chris Crowley