Lord of the Dodgy Gas Rings

Book One of the Speleo-Bollocks Trilogy

By JR R Sole

A dark shadow has fallen on the land of Powis Minor. Sinister Lord Crowley is seeking the lost Dodgy Gas Ring of the Skip-Elves to complete his bid for world domination. In the charming rural village of Croydon, only four simple but honest Speleo-Hobbits stand between Crowley and his fell purpose.

Join Thorne, Penny-Wink, Todd and Mole-tunn on an endless quest through the winding tunnels of the underground kingdom. Share their terrifying battle with midget Scout-Orcs in the Pools of Porthy. Marvel at the horde of lost treasures in the Chamber of the Dragon - but beware the drugged lethargy that overcomes those who tarry too long. Stand shoulder to shoulder with our heroes, as they mud-wrestle naked cave nymphs in the Pulpit of Lust.

But ultimately, our heroes quest must take them beyond the valley of fear, into the cottage of the winding step, and face to face with the Lord of the Dodgy Gas Rings.

"Makes TRR Tolkein look like a stuffy old Oxford Don." -Stephen King

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JR R Sole