Librarian's Report

Steve Murray, CCC Librarian, September 2005

New addition "Beyond the Deep" was purchased by the club in June this year. It has been out on loan continuously since then. A few comments from borrowers include: "Don't bang your head against the wall, read this" and "Very interesting, I enjoyed it" and "I wouldn't go caving with this guy".

A summary by one reader is as follows: "a group of mostly American cavers and cave divers using cutting edge re-breathers to explore a cave to get beyond the known system. The leader seems possibly obsessed by his project and isn't always really aware of what's going on with the rest of the team. The final push is made by the leader and his partner, but before this happens there's a tragedy and one of the members of the expedition dies."

The travelling library is to be found on most of the South Wales trips. It has proved successful with a relatively high volume of borrowings and returns. In addition to "Beyond the Deep", we have received the regular newsletters from the clubs with whom we swap publications.

There is currently an ongoing project to database the library on Excel. When completed, we will distribute this database to members online, so they can peruse the full library contents (including the archives held at Martin Hatton's house).

Steve Murray