Club Notices

Croydon Caving Club welcomes applications for membership from anyone over the age of 16 with an interest in sporting, exploration or scientific Speleology.

Membership subscriptions for 1998 are:


Ordinary membership



Family membership



Student membership

£ 7.50

The club maintains a stock of ropes, ladders and other tackle which is available to members via the Equipment Officer. In addition a limited number of personal equipment (e.g. Lamps) is available for hire. The club also maintains a library of books, periodicals, maps and surveys relating to Speleology. Journals are exchanged with a number of other clubs. Members may borrow any item by contacting the librarian.

Croydon Caving Club is affiliated to a number of other bodies including: British Cave Research Association, Cambrian Caving Council, Council for Southern Caving Clubs, South East Cave Rescue Organisation, West Brecon Cave Rescue Team, etc. These affiliations enable the club to secure access to restricted caves, insurance, use of other libraries and other services for it's members.

The club also runs regular weekend trips to all the major British caving regions. Sunday trips are also made from time to time, usually to local mines. Indoor meetings are held several times a year on Wednesday evenings at The Swan and Sugar loaf, Croydon. These usually consist of lectures, films, slide-shows, etc. Informal bar meets are held every Wednesday at the same venue from about 9.00 p.m. onwards

Members may use the Club cottage in South Wales at the reduced rate of £1.50 per person per night by booking with the cottage warden.