Letter to the Editor

At the AGM on 20 January 1989 it was established that the caving programme as planned was not in the caver's interest. This is one reason why there are few members on weekends.

Weekends are still very much cost effective and probably one per month is enough including bank holidays.

Croydon's main interest is in South Wales and I would like to see the club return to regular visits to South Wales on specific dates advertised and circulated in newsletters and Pelobates and labelled "Club Weekends".

Then we would all know when to go down to cave and dig and have a sucessful weekend.After all they cost enough.

It's all very well to say "Oh, just phone around and a few go down". Do we have 12 good weekends or 28 with only 5 members?

By all means go to other areas on bank holiday weekends and let the members run them.

My feeling is that if we do not get organised, attendances and membership will decline.

Ron Smith