Hardback Books in the Croydon Caving Club Library

Croydon Caving Club has an extensive library of caving books, magazines, periodicals, surveys, etc. However only a small minority of club members make use of this facility. In order to try to increase awareness, a list of books and section headings was circulated to members with the minutes of the 27th AGM in March 1991. A list of hardback books is given below. Further details will be published in subsequent editions of Pelobates.

The World of Caves A C Waltham
The Mysterious World of Caves Ernst Bauer
Venturing Underground Ben Lyon
Wilderness Under the Earth Herbert W Fanke
Caving and Potholing David Judson & Arthur Champion
Ten Years Under the Earth Norbert Casteret
Caves of Adventure Haroun Tazieff
The Cave Explorers Jim Eyre
Toff Down Pit Kit Fraser
Caves Tony Waltham
Mining - An International History John Temple
Radiant Darkness - The Wonderful World of Caves Bogli & Franke
The Darkness Beckons Martyn Farr
Race Against Time Jim Eyre & John Frankland
Life and Death Underground James Lovelock

For further details contact Charlie Peacock.

Charlie Peacock