Cottage News

The defunct dryer unit has been resurrected in modified and more convenient form as a blower/heater rated at about 300 Watts ,as before this runs off the meter in the kitchen so that 50p should give about 20 hours running. The heater rating may be increased if it is ineffective in drying. To be any good all appropriate gear should be spun and only non dripping stuff hung up, drying will never be effective if there are puddles on the floor and these should be sponged up .The vent flap should be opened (and shut afterwards in winter) and the door kept shut.

If you are going to leave your gear in the cottage after the weekend -please MARK it with your name !! so that whoever finds it can work out whether to leave it there or take it back with them , this is a good idea anyway as if it stolen you get it back (eg Adrian and my stuff recently stolen).

Missing (please return)

Junior hacksaw from workshop, spindryer mats


About a dozen more mugs, wood armed lounge chairs as the existing ones are getting wobbly.

Chris Crowley