Mites And Tites

DEVELOPMENTS AT MERSTHAM: Bedlams Bank (or No 3 entrance) is now open again thanks mainly to Unit Two C.R.E., helped by some Croydon members such as Charlie Peacock and Ric Wilgoss. It is 16 feet deep and 5 feet in diameter. There is provision for belays.

No 8 entrance is also ok and is 10 feet deep & 2 feet In diameter. Both require ladder(and lifeline).

CHEAP (ER) CAVING EQUIPMENT can now be obtained from Croydon member Stuart Barber who is trading as Adventure Sports at 37 St Andrews Road, Crulsdon, Surrey, CR3 3HH. Phone him on XXXX to discuss all your outdoor gear needs and find out what sort of deal he can do for you.

LENDING MY KIT is alright by me but its a bit much when the crew filming the history of cave diving want to borrow one's favourite texolex helmet as PERIOD COSTUME.

WHO TRAVERSED FURTHEST UNDERGROUND AT NEW YEAR? The Midland's Navigators (also known as canalcoholics) claim is a total of 21,066 ft with a longest there and back trip of 16,365 ft through West Hill.

ARIAL PHOTOGRAPHS dating from 1906 to the present day covering the entire land mass of England are now held by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. Vertical survey photo's (the type most useful to cavers) are held at room 210W, Government Buildings, Bromyard Avenue, Acton, W3 7KH where they can be viewed by appointment (01 749 9061/2) between 9.00 am & 5.00 pm Mon-Fri. Print copies cost £3 upwards depending on size etc.