Mites And Tites

SIX CAVERS, covered in mud from digging in St. Bridget's Extension in Aillwee Cave, as they passed through the show cave caused an awe-struck American matron to exclaim: "Gee, are you genuine spelunkers?"

SIX CAVERS, returning from washing off in the canals beyond the showcave part of Aillwee, as they traversed the concrete floor and brilliant lighting were asked by a group of Irish A schoolgirls: "Couldn't you find anything more difficult than this to explore?"

GOUGH'S CAVE in Mendip has recently yielded a number of human skulls and other bones which archaeologists claim show signs of prehistoric cannibalism. One wonders whether these academics have given sufficient thought to the possibility that what they have found might just be the aftermath of a particularly uninhibited Christmas Party by one of Mendip's more uncouth caving clubs.

"KILVERT COUNTRY" is a phrase coined by advertising copywriters to describe the area around Clyro. It is an attractive area about half an hour's drive north of Llangattock towards Hay on Wye. One of the Club's stalwart members in its early days, Dave Holby has recently bought the Clyro Court Hotel right in the centre of this area. At present it is closed for renovations (although he does manage to squeeze in the odd 400 people for disco's, parties etc). However there are still 10 bedrooms capable of being used plus space for camping or caravaning. So if your're looking for somewhere more up-market than the usual hut to stay in, why not give Dave a ring on 0497-820081/820033 ?

WE SHOULD HAVE REALISED, I suppose, that we were bound to upset either group by asking the first people to enter Godre Pentre "Are you the Rubber Ducks or are you the> Bastards?" But what are you to do when you've got bookings from both the Bastard Squad and the Rubber Duck Caving Club on the same weekend and you don't know the members of either of them.

HATCHED AND MATCHED, We offer congratulations to Colin and Sheia Bunce on the birth of their daughter Amy Claire (17/7/87 - 7.00am - 6lb l2oz for the technically minded), and
also to Chris Grimmet and Sheila Halsey on their recent marriage. (This was kept so secret that we cannot give the date or any other technical details except that Sheila intends to continue to use her maiden surname - to avoid confusion!).

GONE FOR A BURTON: Many members will no doubt still remember the law enforcement episode last spring when three of the Club were instrumental in the apprehension of a car thief in
South Wales. Worry no more; the culprit was sentenced to two years in jail whilst his accomplices received a sentence of one year community service each. The three involved were given a
worthy mention in court by the judge who subsequently rewarded them for their 'exertions' to the tune of £25 each.