The Search for Mervyn Book 2 (of 66!)

Ekvil Sejon had been investigating the background to the imprisonment of Mervyn for many years and explained to the Wizards that the situation was much more complex and dangerous than the Wizards thought and that they would need powerful magic and many supplies if they were to be successful . The Wizards replied that two of them had powerful connection with the God of the 4th planet from the Sun for food and magic, but Ekvil said that the powers that imprisoned Mervyn were much older and more powerful than the gods of the Gyptians and that Mervyn had been imprisoned by Gaios the god who had run the world for aeons before the arrival of man.

Gaios had been angered by Mervyn because he had subverted and weakened the powers of his agents the Ryders of the Apocalypse by trapping them underground so that Wizards and men had multiplied on Earth and destroyed the balance of his favourite ecologies. He had therefore imprisoned Mervyn in the same cavern where he himself had trapped the Ryders along with re-creations of the nastiest beasts that Man had destroyed.

Mervyn could in fact release himself if he agreed to allow the riders of the Apocalypse to roam unhindered across the face of the earth, however this was unlikely as Mervyn was renown for his arrogance.

Gaios knew that wizards would try and release Mervyn for their own trivial purposes so he had sealed him so far back in time so that rescuers would have to journey through at least a half million years to get to the right cavern. Not only that, but there was a serious risk that the Riders of the Apocalypse- ,Famine, War, Pestilence, Ice , and Nasty Accident at Work would be released to ravage the world until the balance of power was once again as Gaios desired i.e. that beasts ate men and men ate beasts (and when there were definitely no pussy cats!).

Ekvil then got out an book of Prophecy called the Magitvtimes and read from one of the Psalms in the page of Saturnsday, this said that the Wizards who mastered the arts of Spelaelomagic would save the world, and that they alone would inherit.

By now the Wizards were beginning to yawn and Ekvil had started to cook a pot of baked beans on a gas ring which was balanced on a pile of ancient books. One of the Wizards commented that in their own paltry palace they kept books and baked beans strictly separated, Ekvil said that normally they did so but their kitchen had been overwhelmed by a fight between a poltergeist and an evil grease spirit and was currently being purged ,this was however taking rather longer than expected.

Tar Noom the Secrat Wizard asked Ekvil if there was any information on the route to take to get to the chamber where Mervyn was imprisoned Ekvil said that all returning survivors had been interviewed and their stories recorded. As far as could be judged Funandoom should be entered by the Top Door and the route followed down to the abyss which was guarded by the god Nodens, however more recent information indicated that Nodens had been supplanted by a much more savage virtual reality guardian dog with teeth at both ends known as Bn-n-d// which would attack anybody without the slightest provocation.

Kerry Klatchit