The Wizards of Pendle Gob and the Frostytramtrack whole

Since the last episode of the Wizards of Pendle Gob, many wholes had been found and lost, especially up on Pant-y- More . The seven bridge trolls which much afflicted the Wizards are about to disappear.

On the way to Pant-y-More, Whole-by-the-Wail had been made ‘big' and could now be entered by the staunchest of the Wizards, providing their bodies were equipped with universal joints, but Iguanadon had been filled in by the angry farmer troll.

When you finally got to Pant-y-More, new wholes were everywhere, as Noty Vandon had spent many moons and much magic linctus looking for the tragic master cave, so you really had to watch where you ran . Having ‘fallen’ down one such whole (while just happening to be carrying a lead weight and an air bottle) one of the Wizards had found their way past the Grim water trap into ‘almost nothing at all`.

However, Noty Vandon heard about this from aFawr and has sent many magic messages of congratulation and encouragement in spite of which there is still ‘almost nothing at all there’. Car-not-adit, once the scene of many happy expeditions, had unfortunately been obstructed by the giant snake at the head of the valley.

Last time, the Wizards of Pendle Gob had spent much time searching for the lost golden gates of Ogof Dragon. These have yet to be found and some now question whether they had ever existed, and indeed what their purpose was in having them, as most wizards seemed to be able to get in and out even when they were there . In spite of this, Others were, however, not happy and they wanted to get to the pot of gold at the end of the cave even faster, and so it came to be that the mysterious ‘frosty’ tramcrack had appeared up on the hill. Who, how, or even why, was much debated, along with what to do about it. Some wanted it filled in; others, mostly from France, wanted it left, and so it has been the subject of much fun and merriment . Was it Ekvil Sejohn ? Has he returned to free the Glxls from the Eurosepleos and the Anglxls?

Down at Drop your Dogoff (up the road form Pendle Gob) the Wizards had been carrying out driving practice in the magic blue puddle (so called because that was the colour they looked when they came out !). Driving round in the magic puddle was pretty much guaranteed to upset the Dogoff who would often retailate by sucking down anyone bold enough to do so.

However, Dogoff had found the rubbery suits and hard metal bits his last victims were covered in rather indigestable and so had devised a cunning plan to lure in more acceptable fodder . This involved baiting the puddle with a magic ring (an idea he pinched from the Trollkings). Once the word had got out about the magic ring, the blue puddle has become populated by van loads of faraway vehicles, stuffed with strange equipment (and even stranger people) promising to return for sequel after sequel . By using the magic ring, anyone putting it on became invisible and so couldn`t be got out of the cave.

However, Dogoff hadn`t reckoned with the Wizards of Pendle Gob who sent in their trainee driver to get it out.

Back in Ye-Olde-Inn in Ystradmuckter, the Wizards debated long and hard over many glasses of Ye-Strong-Ale (or cider) over what to do with the magic ring. Could it make Pendle-Gob bigger and better? (unlikely), could they sneak extra beer out of Ye-Olde-Inn?,  Could it be used to solve the mystery of the missing golden gates and the frosty tramcrack?

Kerry Katchit