The Hedge Vandal

The following extract was recently found in a copy of a well known broadsheet newspaper. It has been abbreviated for this publication and names and locations have been omitted or changed to protect privacy and to avoid libel.

Police want to clip hedge vandal's wings.  Police are looking for a guerilla gardener who appears to have been vandalising other people's hedges under the cover of darkness.

The mystery hedge trimmer is reported to have cut a number of bushes in a remote corner of Wales.

One resident, a retired engineer, said his hedge had been targeted twice in a week. The 67-year old said a large circular hole – approximately a metre wide – had been cut in the side of his hedge, followed by another hole a few metres down days later.

“It will take several years to fill such a large gap,” he told 'The Daily Telegraph'.

“I don't know who it was. But I don't think it was kids. This was someone who knew what they were doing – it was malicious.”

The gentlemen believes the perpetrator was operating at night.

His neighbours have reportedly confirmed another hedge around 150 yards from his home may also have been targeted..

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