A Word from the Chairman

...Or, Part Two of the Club Plague Diary

It is 13 months since I wrote my last Word for Pelobates and I wish that I could say that things had changed more than they actually have.

This year we did manage to have some activity at the cottage albeit at a reduced level. Understandably, many members have felt quite reticent about wishing to sleep at Godre Pentre (AKA the Omicron Incubation Unit) during a pandemic. I personally had intended staying over the New Year period but decided shortly before that discretion was the word of the day. Some people did stay for the now traditional home cooked communal meal and I hope that they had a rip-roaring time with just a bit more breathing space available.

We were fortunate indeed to have a window of opportunity in early December when we were able to meet again for the Annual Dinner at the New Inn. It was hurriedly arranged and thus a bit less of an extravaganza than usual. As we had 23 people booked we were able to benefit from exclusive use of the bar and the karaoke in the marquee did make a bit of a change. This in conjunction with the new unisex toilet arrangements also resulted in one or two priceless comedy moments.

On a more positive note we have managed to sign up several new members during the course of the year. They largely consist of the progeny of existing members but four keen 17-year-olds is something to be proud of. Please make them welcome and recognise them as full members in spite of their age. I look forward to the time when they may wish to start picking up club responsibilities and the existing committee can finally retire.

By the time you read this, the AGM will probably have happened but I anticipate at least one new committee member – maybe more.

In conclusion, here’s looking to 2023 and hopefully finally a return to something approaching normality but better.

Eric, January 2022

Eric Downer