Cottage News

Obviously, with the COVID restrictions, usage was much reduced and income will be about a third of what it was in the pre-COVID era, though this has been more than compensated for by the Welsh Government assistance grant and of course by the cessation of our greatest one-off annual cost.

In the last half of the year usage by Universities has begun to return and they often comment that they like the place and had a good time there.

Eventually, after about 18 months’ hassle, we have got the new windows and front door installed at a cost of about £3,500; also, thanks to Steve Murray (and his son) we have a ‘new’ back door at a minimal cost of £11.00 (for a new thumb lock).

The front of the building looks very much the same (which was the objective) but the thermal comfort downstairs and up seems to be much enhanced and hopefully the oil bill is reduced (but not while it is 72p/l it won’t).

The back door change has improved the accessibility inside as it opens outwards, lets more light in and stops the drafts (and hopefully the mice).

Both doors have been fitted with ‘thumb’ locks which enable the door to be locked on the inside but openable with a key from the outside.

The key arrangements are the same as before (and the door code the same) so please destroy you old key if you still have one. At some time we will decide if anyone wanting a personal key should pay a deposit or not (let me know if you want one).

The front and sides have been repainted, so with the new windows and door it is about as smart as we can make it (until the green gunk regrows of course).

Godre Pentre

Chris Crowley