It's a Monday night, I have just swallowed a generous mouthful of fruity and juicy Cabernet Sauvignon and have mustered the required verbosity necessary to fill the page that remains my editorial. Just the other day I was down Lost John's and as I struggled up the primeval majesty of Monastery pitch a thought occurred. Well, several since it was a very long climb, but keeping it clean etc, I shall relay to you, my earnest and adored reader, some of those passing muses.

Thanks to all who have contributed and specifically to those who contributed not one but two articles- you're glory will await in issue 78. The magazine is what we, Croydon Caving Club, make it. In many ways it becomes the honorary consul to the club (rather than an ambassador- consuls do not get paid, well - not for consulling anyway). It reflects what the club has become rather than what we see it as. So what do we see it as? From the articles contained herein - primarily a club that caves with others! Does this astound and annoy? I hope so! Look back over the past issues. Fully 75% plus of the articles coming into the magazine are about Croydon Cavers going caving with other clubs and in other countries. This to me, at any rate must be an anomaly, I for one know that the club is active with all sorts of things going on. So the question remains - why do we not see articles about Croydon events? Are they (and I shudder to use the term following that buffoon Blair) not Sexy enough? I must admit that Megalaya, the Berger, Slovenia and the like are interesting, but judge ye not on the location unbeliever!

A significant proportion of the club weekends which I have attended have been excellent, good caving and stories to tell, but why do they not appear in print? Is it because a trip to the cottage is not deemed newsworthy by potential authors? Possibly, I print what I receive and I receive practically nothing about the UK for our journal. Of the club, probably 90% did not go on a foreign caving trip last year yet most of the articles I receive are situated overseas.

I think my message has got across. I know the editor is expected to whinge and request articles. It happens that this time I have enough to put by for the next edition. So I can be slightly more vitriolic.

I want to hear about Croydon trips in the UK, the highs and the lows, the silly moment, the close calls and the good times. I dipped into the log-book yet there was little there! Are we as a club, so used to being spoon fed our entertainment that we are incapable of putting pen to paper and inscribing our names? No, look at our members, we have some of the finest minds in the country - a significant proportion of the club membership is educated to degree level or some level of professional qualification and the committee alone has at least 5 Masters degrees and a cornucopia of Batchelor's degrees. At some stage in their academic careers they must have sat an exam for 3 hours about something they loathe, and still managed to churn out 8 sides of putrient toss that impressed a laudanum crazed, lust fuelled professor into passing them. SO WHY IS IT SO HARD TO WRITE 3 SIDES ON CAVING ?

A very happy Christmas and peaceful and prosperous New Year

Simon Davies