Well, here we go again. This editorial will be kept short, primarily out of boredom with the whole damn process. I mean, month after month scrabbling around for tosh to publish and then getting complaints from club members that the magazine is not frequent enough.

Enough jollity. From the next edition there will be a subtle change to Pelobates, namely there will be a new feature article, this article will have pride of place within the magazine and the author will win a bottle of champagne. This is the last attempt to get people to write things for me. If this fails I shall resign as editor and the magazine will probably disappear.

Again thanks are due to the noble people who a) write things and b) help with the publication of the mag, your dedication is appreciated by the club only they don't know how to show it.

The club remains as active as ever and this is a good sign and we seem to be attracting members - again a good sign but are we doing enough to support them ? Should another member of the take a newcomer under their wing and get them caving ? All too often we hear of new members that can't get to the pub feeling left out and subsequently leaving because they don't get the support from the rest of the club. A point to ponder as you read of heroic exploits in the next few pages.

Simon Davies