The CCC Cave Development Fund

Many Club members may be unaware of the existence of the "Cave Development Fund" and the way in which it is operated. The fund was set up some 3+ years ago and has always been intended to aid or subsidise Club members in furthering the development of South Wales cave sites, preferably within our normal working area in and around Ystradfellte.

"Cave Development" should be considered a loose term to include water tracing, digging, securing cave entrances, conservation etc. In short, anything that might result in furthering the generally accepted aims of the Club and its cavers as a whole.

The fund currently stands at £77.90 - not much you may think - but this has been accrued from small donations at Godre Pentre and surplus proceeds from spontaneous barbecues and the like. Perhaps you may have your own ideas how this fund could be boosted. Individuals efforts to raise money for the fund would be greatly appreciated by those spending miserable hours toiling underground, or in foul weather on the surface, in the vain hope of discovering new cave for the benefit of us all.

If you consider you have a viable project in or around the Ystradfellte area and wish to seek some financial assistance then please contact me. Note that this fund is operated and administered completely outside of Committee jurisdiction but will only continue on the basis of mutual trust and common sense. If it proves to be unworkable on this basis remaining revenue will be turned over to the committee to be spent specifically on digging tools and materials.

Chris Fry