Igam Ogam Incident (from the Godre Pentre Log Book)

Extracted from the Godre Pentre Log Book

7.36pm Adrian Paniwnyk arrived at Godre Pentre running. Reported Andy Todd stuck below squeeze at end of Snorer's Annex, Igam Ogam. He did not have enough energy in his arms to pull himself up through the lip of the hole. Adrian had exited Igam Ogam at 7.05pm.
8.05pm Chris Crowley and Adrian Paniwnyk left for Igam Ogam with sledge hammer, lump hammer, sling plus food and tea in a flask. Clive Gardener agreed to bring along Andy Todd's clothes in a rucksack for changing when he was brought out of the cave. He would wait at the entrance and be prepared to go in if Chris and Adrian's attempt to get Andy out did not work.
8.40pm Clive Gardener telephoned Penwyllt and informed Pete Francis of the incident. A stand-by was requested, but no further action until after 11pm, when it would be known whether Andy was seriously stuck. A telephone call to Penwyllt would be made to confirm the situation.
9.30pm Clive Gardener, Steve Wray and Helen Hougham left with new flask of tea, approx 15m length of rope and their own caving kit plus Andy's surface clothes. They planned to take Andy's gear and tea to the cave entrance and wait for someone to come out. If he could not be brought out by Chris Crowley and Adrian Paniwnyk then they would go in with the rope and an alert should be made to Penwyllt setting full rescue in motion. Main danger is hypothermia.
  [Above written by Clive Gardener.]
[Below written by Graham Christian.]
10.20pm Paul Stacey informed persons at cottage that casualty was out of cave (at 10.00pm).
10.32pm Jim Longbottom went to phone Penwyllt to stand down any preperations.
10.35pm Penwyllt informed (person unknown).
10.45pm Log end.