Letters to the Editor

The 1992 Croydon Caving Club caving programme? So far this year we have received 3 publications with an array of different programmes. These boil down to OFD Columns open days, Barons Cave and Merstham Mines trips, which I am sure club members will soon get fed up with.

Also, excluding conferences and fairs, we have:

1 trip to Yorkshire (no details given)
4 specific caving weekends (2 are limited in numbers)
4 club trips (no information)
0 dinner meet
0 family weekend

and it's almost June!

Committee, please wake up. This is not good enough. When can we expect a decent caving programme? We must have plenty of money to keep paying out postage on 4 or 5 programme attempts. We want the right programme at the beginning of the year, not at the end!

Now don't blame the caving secretary. There are 9 committee members; is this all they can produce? They want your subscriptions, you want value for money!

Comments please.

Ron Smith