1997 Caving Diary

LAST UPDATED 18 September 2000

So here it is, the first full issue of the diary for many months containing all those lovely activities you can't wait to hear about.

The first good news is that I finally have a home phone number so you can contact me out of office hours. I'm afraid it's a mobile but at least you can contact me at a sensible time of the day and not in-between the filing, bad work coffee and an argument with the boss. It's 0966-372883 and if I'm unavailable you can leave a message. My normal daytime number of 01923-423978 is also still valid.

As always I depend on your ideas and willingness to help organise events so please call me if you have any ideas.

If you want to go on a specific trip which requires a permit or key give me a call telling me the cave and the date you want to go and I'll see if I can arrange it for you.
( ) denotes a bank holiday

4-5 This is a possible date for a trip to Portland in Dorset near Osmington Mills. This will be confirmed later in the year by Paul Stacey.
25-26 Return to The Bull Terrier pub in Croscombe probably with a similar deal to last year of cooked breakfast and a bar that doesn't shut until you are ready. (Callipers at the ready Steve?)

8-9 Fire works weekend? Dates yet to be confirmed with Village Cricket Club.

6-7 Come Saturday night for the annual dinner. If any of you have been busy with your camera this is also the date for the PHOTO COMPETITION (hint hint!). Details will be elsewhere in Pelobates.
(25-26) CHRISTMAS and BOXING DAY ... food, booze and socks!
27-28 (27-3) A destination is needed for this years New Years bash. At present George is looking into a trip to Belgium for approx. 15 people. I will publish more details as they are known.

Other ideas yet to be added to the calendar...

· Trip to Derbyshire but a decent location is required. Ideas and organisers please.
· Craig-yr.-Ffynnon
· Wessex Challenge, once a date is known.

REMEMBER: For those of you that live near the Swan & Sugarloaf but don't usually attend except for indoor meets this is when a lot of other trips are organised that are not on the diary. If you attend there are occasionally rare last minute trips or even holidays on offer. No attendance means no opportunity!


For those interested in these trips please call Chippy Wood (0181-647-9961) or me for further information. All of these are novice trips, perhaps good for anyone thinking of joining who hasn't been caving before..... (These trips are all on Sundays.)

MERSTHAM MINES June 8, September 7, October 5, November 16, December 7
MERSTHAM MINES February 5, March 15

Customise your WINDOWS 95!

During bit of a boring evening I have designed a set of screens to replace the standard Win95 start-up and shutdown screens. If you want a copy give me a call and I'll send them to you on 3.5" diskette in exchange for a replacement one. The disk comes complete with a self install and uninstall program so don't worry about all the technical stuff. At last get rid of those 'Shutting Down' messages and have something a little better instead!