The front door lock has now been changed so an old key WILL NOT WORK.

In order to limit the number of keys in circulation we are thinking of implementing a limitation rule such as x (probably 3)visits in the previous year to justify the need for a personal key-other wise the warden would issue a key for a key for a specific occasion.

The reasons for this are :- to limit the cost of lock changes, to recover keys from inactive members, improve security and maybe to encourage some members to visit the cottage more often. This issue will probably be discussed at the committee meeting in September-if you have any views on this please let me know.


Presumably this issue of the magazine will be bursting with people's draft plans for the extension!

In order to get the ball rolling I recently gave a copy of the plan that I had drawn up to Jon Young to give to the local planning adviser so that we could get an informal reaction to a planning application. He has now looked at these plans and visited the cottage and sent a reply in which the phrase `no major objections likely' is the most pertinent. This letter represents significant progress because with it we can reasonably claim to have planning permission in any grant claim.

The next stage is to agree on a final conceptual layout and get this drawn up properly so that it can be submitted for planning/building regulation/costing. This process is unlikely to be easy as our `design' may not turn out to be practicable or within our budget (what ever that is), there are also significant unsolved problems such as the repositioning of the electricity cables and moving the gate. I have located a local person who draws plans and negotiates with the council etc. which will probably be the best option in the long run -although we will have to pay him.


The lid of the pressure cooker! if you know where it is please return it , or if you have a cooker you don't want please let us have it.


The refrigerant pump in the shed drier has seized up so it doesn't dehumidify any more- the air circulation fan and air warmer still work (but will consume more power).The air vent flap on the shed should now be left open to allow the warmish damp to escape. The cost of repair is at least £600 and so not worth it, unless someone wants to try bodging a fridge bottle into it! If you know anyone who wants to get rid of a dehumidifier let me know.

I am also now receiving cottage bookings and membership applications via the Internet.

If you are in the HTV transmission area you may also be seeing me on TV as I gave some assistance to Brynmawr CC who were helping HTV make a programme about David Bellamy the artist who paints underground, this involved rigging Pant Mawr and carting video equipment through the fist choke where David was filmed sketching us. I demanded that a credit `Pitch Rigging by Croydon CC' be included as it was mostly our gear (and expertise) that did it.