Mites and Tites

The editor - whoever he maybe received the following email from a concerned member who has discovered club members posting letters to journals other than our own! This was cut from the Grauniad just the other day. Sources indicate that it is genuine.

"Here is the letter by Paul Selby:
I see that Tony Blair will be treating Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin to
"the capital's most spectacular views", from the Canary Wharf Tower. Of
course they are the most spectacular views, because they are now the only
views of London which don't include that bloody hideous tower. "

Classified ads


PINT GLASSES from busy pub in Ystradfellte area. Possibly mixed up with caving gear.

GREEN FLEECE jacket, old, smelly, canvas patches, nasty colour. Last seen in Guildford area. Contact C Fry.


TALL BEARDED Caver in Surrey mine. Contact Wealden Cave and Mine Society.


LUXURY ACCOMODATION, furnished. Will deliver. Contact R Smith.

PIG, 4FT plus scaffold pole, 2 months old, hardly used, unwanted gift. Contact C Grimmett.


CHAIRMAN for active caving club. Must have own armchair.


FROTTEURS CAVING CLUB. Close, friendly club. Trips to tight, overused, popular caves at busy times of year. New members always welcome. No SRT experience necessary. Contact guaranteed.