Mites and Tites Clinks and Grikes

Unknown - "This hair must be worth at least an extra spare rib !" to which George P replied

" You should have seen the pubes in our chips at lunch time !"


This Christmas it will have been a year since Croydon Caving Club suffered one of its greatest losses. A bereavement which left a void in all our lives. Warm, practical, scruffy and malodorous, I refer of course to our Chairman's late fleece jacket.

Why not recapture those nostalgic weekends at Godre Pentre. Allow yourself to rediscover the atmosphere of woodsmoke, stale beer and unwashed cavers. Designed exclusively by Ultimate and hand crafted from recycled PET bottles and old scout tents, the fleece proudly bears its insignia of a heraldic goat. Truly a collectors item, each hand numbered section comes with its own authentic smell and a guarantee never to come back into fashion.

Yours for only one donation to the building fund or a half of Flowers, a panel of this memorable article of clothing could be gracing your wardrobe, mantelpiece or (God forbid) your body. But hurry, this limited edition is only available from Vicky Stratton Confiscated Bad Taste Items plc and a selection of good charity shops.

Don't delay, send off today.