The editor drunk - on a trainI could bemoan the lack of articles - I won't, my pleas fall on deaf ears. I could wax lyrical about my travels - I won't, you can read that later. I can discuss the various future trends of the club - I can't, if I could I would ply my talent at Ascot and live off the earnings.

What I shall do is mention the varied array of articles found in edition 73. Once again we as a club are indebted to those who get off their literary arses and put pen to paper - or as is so often the case, electrons to magnetic media. There are plans of the cottage for you to cut out and keep, there are deep insights into actuarial science that will enable you to confound your enemies and bamboozle your friends (if you have any).

Richard and Steve have spent a lot of time surveying the cottage to provide the plans and it should generate some response. Though having said that, nothing ever does. FREE MONEY - Well that got your attention. I am toying with the idea of offering a prize for star article of the magazine. Say £10. Maybe this would increase the flood of articles to a torrent. Let me know what you think. Though I suspect none of you are even reading this. Maybe I should offer a prize for the best response to the best response competition? Oh dear there I go again waffling on.

Some people have complained that Pelobates is late. Tough shit, I had little to publish and what I did have I lost. Sorry George.

Simon Davies