The organisation is established to carry out the search and rescue of persons injured or stranded above or below ground and to assist the police in these activities.

Croydon Caving club who are affiliated to SECRO, maintain a list of members who have shown an interest to be involved should a rescue occur in this region.

The main criteria for cavers who are willing to participate are that you area on the telephone and that you are accessible at work. Also that you have the use of a car and some knowledge of the local mines, although not necessary, would be an advantage.

Charlie Peacock and I [Don Wood] are call out wardens for Croydon Caving Club and we have a list of all those who are currently with SECRO. If you are interested in joining, then please give me a call. My phone No is XXXX-XXX-XXXX.

The current list of members and their numbers are as follows:-

Allan Ockenden
Eric Downer
Adrian Paniwynk
Charlie Peacock
Chris Fry
Simon Blanchflower
Ray & Steve Walker

Please try and keep the list up to date by advising the wardens of any changes.

Don Wood