Cottage News

The main news is that we have raised the cottage fees by 50p to £3.50 for guests and £2.50 for members, the first increase since foot and mouth. This is necessary to cover very large increases in oil, gas and electricity costs and is in line with what other clubs have had to do.

This will apply from September 2006.

Thanks to Jean Grange for giving us an antique brass fender for the fire and Neil & Annette for finding and transporting another fridge. Please avoid bringing large milk containers as these do not fit well, cause damage to the door and prevent others from getting their stuff in.

Please put your food etc. on the shelves in the kitchen whenever possible as leaving them on the worktops makes cooking difficult and is sometimes a fire hazard. Also, please do not leave your wash kit in the kitchen as some people don't like this; I will see if I can find space for another shelf in the wash room.

Items wanted: set of stacking chairs, petrol rotary mower.

Chris Crowley