WBCRT Practice Rescue

8 members of Croydon participated in a West Brecon CRO practice from Porth-y-Ogoth early this year.

There was a large turn out and the CRO Landrover attended-the object of the exercise was to practice the organisation of the search for a `lost' child in the form of a flowerpot Bill who had been hidden in the cave earlier.

We divided into several teams and were allocated different parts of the cave to search in a systematic way. The missing `person' was soon found so we decided to do it again only Croydon were to be in `control'.

Unfortunately it was also decided that I was to be surface controller, however having seen how it was done earlier and in spite of the `child' being placed in the most obscure place they could find, he was soon located and brought out.

The exercise was useful in that it gave everyone experience in the problems of finding a missing Caver(s) which is one that often occurs in the early stages of a call out.

The Cricket Club also donated £50 to the CRO as our `share' of the profit they made from the joint bonfire party. We also gave them £20 from the pub and cottage collection boxes.

Chris Crowley