New Members

Phil Elsdon & Rebecca Terry
Dave Ryall & Sue Smith
Richard Vidler
Chris Whale

Changes of Address

Brian Freeman
Sam & Nicola Knott
Simon Laikie
Martin Upfold
Steve & Helen Wray

Lapsed Membership

Bernard Charlesworth & Linda Wickham
Catherine Dunkling
Allison Hill
Andreas King
Helen Rideout
Paul Sowan

Terror by Torchlight

According to The Independent (Tuesday 25 April 1995), the catacombs of Paris described by Chris Fry in Pelobates No 68 are "a playground for French youth" The article continues: "Until recently, 11,000 square metres of neatly stacked skulls shinbones and ribs known as the Empire of Death were open to the public and attracted more than 160,000 visitors each year; This came to an abrupt end a few months ago, when Paris's necropolis was sealed off from the rest of the tunnels because the bones were rotting. But the mystery and mystique of its narrow passages and vast caves has proved too enticing. Cataphiles young and old dig new holes and cut through the locks at night to roam around and hold parties and raves."

Cave Development Fund

£20 from the cave development fund has been donated to the Ogof Draenen conservation effort for the purchase of tape, etc. Another £25 has been presented to Adrian Paniwnyk for the purchase of "digging materials".

Cottage News

The toilet and shower have now been installed in the shed as decided by the
Committee. Whether all this sanitary ware will survive a really cold winter remains to be seen. Please remember to drain and flush the toilet before leaving in cold weather.

Another upright vacuum cleaner is now needed as the current one is on its lasts Iegs. The replacement must have a height adjuster on it to clean the office type carpet tiles used upstairs.

Also, a portable generator and á submersible pump would be very useful to have around, eg. for Ogof Igam Ogam, so if you know of one that is going cheap .(or even for nothing) please let the Hut Warden know.