Mites and Tites

Chris Fry (in Belgium): "It's just like Belgium, only bigger!"

Chris Crowley: "We used these delayed detonators to speed things up!"

Andy Todd: "If there was more water down here, it would be wetter!"

Chris Crowley: "The internet's a load of bollocks!"

So You Thought That Caving Wasn't Really Dangerous!

The Sunday Times recently reviewed a book entitled "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston. It is about viruses including one called Marburg. The review contains the following paragraph: "Since then only three individuals have succumbed to Marburg... Two of the victims had visited Kitum Cave on Mount Elgon, Kenya, shortly before their deaths, where some years before there had been rumours of Marhurg-hike disease in people and monkeys." Just in case you are not yet convinced that Kitum is one cave to strike off your "must visit" list, the article also describes the symptoms of the illness:

"...the viruses multiply by sabotaging the replication machinery of the cells they infect. In the process, they destroy the body's blood system until the victim is awash with disintegrated blood, the skin mushy and oozing, the flesh almost liquified. Around the seventh day of exposure, victims develop headaches, quickly followed by red eyes, raging fevers, clotting and haemorrhages, blood spurts and terminal shock. Saturated with the virus the victim finally 'crashes' and 'bleeds out'. Having destroyed its host the agent is now coming out of every orifice, and is 'trying to find a new host." Oh yes, and there's no cure!

Spot The Road Sign

What is the grid reference?