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CCC Photo Competition

The results of the 1994 CCC Photo Competition were as follows:

Category Winner
Underground (Print) Ian Chandler - Alum Pot
Underground (Slide) Alasdair Neill - Longwood August/Fault Chamber
Landscape Graham Christian - Dorothea Winding House
Club Life Tania Davies - Belgium Trip
Caption Graham Christian - Chris Grimmet at Ogof Triachwech

Prizes were awarded as follows: Underground categories: Cave Photography by Chris Howes - Landscape: folding shovel - Club Life: fleece hat - Caption: survival bag.

Many thanks to Clive Gardener who did such a good job judging the entries. Next year it has been suggested that the competition will be held in South Wales with greater notice of categories.

Cottage News

Now that the oil burner has been installed in the cottage, the next phase is to try and provide extra toilet and shower facilities. There is obviously no room inside, so they will have to be added to the outside. Given that we currently don't have the resources for a full scale addition to the cottage, an intermediate solution is planned in the form of a shed type lean to that will be minimum cost and could be subsequently built over if required without any major grief. With this in mind, I have now obtained (at no cost) the following items: shower base, electric shower, thermostatic shower, WC, wash basins, various pipes and fittings, doors and windows. The only items we still need are 2x4 timber, concrete blocks, and some people to do the work.

We also need to decide where to put it. The options are rather limited as a blank section of wall about 6 feet long is required, preferably near the shed as the shower will principally be used by people coming back from caving. My favoured position is between the shed and the cottage as shown on the attached plan as it will be easier to connect to the water, sewerage and electricity. It would be level with the back door, ie. sunk down about 18 inches. This will obviously, however, reduce the access to the shed to some extent.

Another possibility could be to actually build it on to the shed, opposite the door, as that would be near the pipe runs. There would, however, be a need to construct a manhole in the sewer pipe. If you have any views or suggestions about this, please let them be known. Construction will probably be in next years working week, but if anyone is keen they can begin now if they want.

Upgrading your microwave? How about giving us your old one! There now seems to be a feeling that one is needed. I don't think that it is worth buying a new one owing to the not insignificant chances of it being stolen or blown up with one of Ron's metal plates. However, we could be prepared to pay a small sum for one, so if you see a cheap one please let me know. Also needed is a small spin dryer.

There will be the usual Christmas/New Year wild party at the cottage starting around the 27th of December for those who don't want a 1200 mile round trip to Aviemore. The more the merrier - invite your friends. Oh, and bring your own beer as the local facilities tend to run dry!

Chris Crowley