Letters to the Editor

Ireland News

Things have been very quiet in Ireland for a while now. I have 3 good excuses anyway: Sarah was born last June and is quite a handful; I've also been studying for exams which I finished in May - thank God; and the weather has been awful. Hopefully this summer I can get back to some more intensive caving.

I'm still working in Poll Cloghaun (Coolagh River Valley) which I am quite optimistic about. I have also been trying to find Jacko's Hole on Aillwee Hill - so far without luck.

The only recent discovery I've had was an alternative to the main pitch in Kilcorney by traversing over the top of it [see Descent No 118]. This was open so I don't know if anyone was in before, although I can find no report of it. I have also found gypsum crystals in Doolin river cave which, I think, is the first report of them in Co Clare.

Colin Bunce

Anonymous Articles

I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms about recent articles in Pelobates which claim to be written by one person but are in fact written by somebody else.

I understand that "A Day in the Life of a Hut Warden" in the last but one edition was not written by Chris Crowley, but that it was designed to make fun of one of our Committee members.

My sources indicate that in this Pelobates there will appear an article with my name on it containing useful tips on caving. I have seen a copy of this in advance and categorically deny that I have ever come out of a cave and gone for just one pint of beer.

I hope that as Editor you will in future refuse to publish these anonymous contributions to the club magazine.

Chris Fry