Pant Mawr Pot (everywhere but........)

On 29th August 2004 at trip to Pant Mawr (ED - names withheld to protect the embarrassed - is that OK Jenny, Neil, Vicky, Alan, Pete and Nick ...........OOOPsss! Oh well never mind) set off from SWCC in fine form, looking forward to an exciting trip using ladders and SRT. Walked and walked and walked........ And it was pissing down with rain.

Eventually headed off path onto moor. Tried various fences, bits of stick and (un)likely looking depressions in the ground. No luck, the bugger was no-where to be seen.

Eventually decided to give up, after party members started to get cold(er) wet(er). Returned to Godre Pentre. If anyone has remove Pant Mawr they please PUT IT BACK!

A comment was added, 'Admit it! You went straight to the Copper Beech!!!!!!'
(we believe you, but you do have the right to reply - Ed.)

Jenny Drake