Yorkshire Dales Easter 1993


A grimy caravan care of Mrs Morphett.

Those present

Martin Upfold (and sidekick Wendy Waller)
Andy Symonds
Carl Gibbs (and "friend" Claire)
Adrian Paniwnyk
Charlie Peacock (Saturday and Sunday)

Good Friday

Andy, Adrian, Carl and Claire had arrived Thursday evening and had zipped off to do Bar Pot. Wendy and myself arrived in the pouring rain and drove to Horton in Ribblesdale to do the normally "dry" fossil route at Sell Gill Hole. There were two other parties already down; one was particularly appalling (eg. laddering directly in the path of huge amounts of falling water). I had selected Sell Gill as a suitable site for Wendy to learn some SRT pitch rigging. Luckily there were plenty of bolts to choose from; most of the good ones had been ignored by the other parties so we were able to avoid most of the water. The main chamber was an absolute melestrom of water and noise. Upon exiting we met another party on their way in.

Returning to Ingleton we fed ourselves and waited for the others to return from Bar Pot (evidently they had had a satisfying trip). The evening was spent at the Marton Arms, purveyours of fine beer.


I had obtained a permit for Casterton Fell to which all but Claire headed. Adrian forgot his helmet and went walkies. An exchange trip between Cow Pot via Fall Pot and Lancaster Pot was undertaken. Andy and Charlie entered Lancaster Pot with Andy rigging. Carl, Wendy and myself entered Cow Pot where Carl rigged Cow Pot and I rigged Fall Pot.

As Wendy and myself didn't fancy getting wet, we decided not to play in the Lancaster Easegill streamway with the others, so we exited and went to the "Nutters" cafe at Kirkby Lonsdale. Entertainment: The Marton Arms again.


A marginal trip to Black Shiver Pot without Claire and Carl. Awesome cold and wet with lots of water on the big pitch and the Croydon formation marching team stomping about just to keep warm. I rigged and Andy derigged with Charlie. Outside, I froze for an hour waiting for Adrian and Wendy. Once they were out, we didn't wait and returned to Wendy's car to change. Adrians clothes were in Charlie's motor, so he borrowed some of Wendie's spare clothes ("I put on Womens' clothing and hang around in bars...").

Easter Monday

Wendy and I headed for home. Adrian headed for Wales. Andy, Carl and Claire went caving at Alum Pot.

Martin Upfold