Peak Cavern

by Richard Vidler on 21/08/04

Those on the trip: Richard Shaw / Richard Vidler / Linda Vidler / Paul Stacey / Peter Talbot / Nick Moulton / Steve Murray / John Joe Murray / Adrian Clark

James arranged with Richard Shaw to gain access to Peak Cavern "off season". Amazingly for the crack-of-noon caving club, we were all up, breakfasted and in the Peak Cavern car park at 9:15 am!!! (this, of course, involved much grumbling)

The trip itself was excellent, although a little touristy. Where the show cave finishes, you slide down to the old show cave using the slide installed for the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Following the old (and now very muddy) old show cave next to the river, you reach a climb up to the cave proper.

Climbs through nice chambers lead to a ladder climb down into the stream way. We first followed this up to the upstream sump, where Steve Murray couldn't help having a swim (being the only person in a wet suit). After returning to the ladder, we followed the stream down to the downstream sump. This was great fun in the thigh deep water running fairly fast. This excitement was somewhat drained after a fairly exhausting walk back against the water.

All had a good trip and hopefully Richard will arrange a trip down Speedwell for us next year.

Richard Vidler