What’s in a name? Chris Crowley’s article on p.16 originally carried the title Ogof G but it seems from the latest Descent that we may now refer to this significant discovery by the equally anonymous-sounding name of Ogof T1. Sadly, whatever name this cave finally secures will be somewhat irrelevant if access should be permanently barred. But names are important and carry a wealth of meaning and history. Which is why I note with some concern the suggestion that what this Club may need to boost its fortunes is a change of name. If radical changes to the aims, nature and structure of the Club are being proposed and then acted upon, it may become desirable to adopt a new name to reflect what would be to all intents and purposes a new club, but otherwise it may well be detrimental to the Club’s long-term interests if we were no longer proud to carry the name that has served for almost half a century and which reflects and encompasses the history and traditions of those fifty years. What matters most, of course, is the caving  and the friendships it creates. Let’s get on with those and not worry too much that our name may be getting in the way - it isn’t.

Paul Selby