Letters to the Editor

Some years ago, when the Ogof Cul epic started, some animousity was generated for reasons I have long since forgotten over the involvement of Unit 2 in the surveying and exploration work. Happily things were smoothed over and we all got on with caving and other dirty habits.

I have just helped Tony Oldham with the proof reading and supply of information for his new book on the caves of the Little Neath valley. As originally drafted, the section on Ogof Cul written by Tony gave unjustified credit to Unit 2 for the discover of bits of the cave. I duly asked for all references to Unit 2 to be removed from the Ogof Cul entry. This was done. However, one reference to Wealden Cave and Mine Society remains, probably because Tony was unaware of the change of name. I am therefore writing this letter to set the record straight.

Peter Burgess