Pelobates No 56 was designated an "expedition special" issue due to the large number of foreign expeditions club members were involved with in 1991. This issue also has a theme, but unfortunately it is not as praise worthy, because 1992 has seen a spate of blunders and accidents which have led to this "disaster special"!

I have asked some members to write about specific incidents. Others have volunteered articles themselves. Whilst they all take a fairly light hearted approach, I think it is important to mention briefly the serious side. Fortunately none of the incidents ended in tragedy. However, the potential was there in all of them, and most could have been avoided. I hope you will keep this in the back of your mind as you read them.

Also, some of these accounts are from more than one source and are not wholly consistent. However, I have not attempted to edit them as I think it is interesting to see these differences of opinion or recollection.

Finally, I would like to remind you that this collection of reports in no way reflects the competence of the club as a whole. If some members appear to feature more prominently in the following pages than others, I am sure it is due to their long and successful caving careers, and no other reason!

Steve Wray