Advertisment - Ogof Cul Theme Park

Ogof Cul Theme Park

Bring your family to the Ogof Cul theme park and let them enjoy themselves while you dig

Let them thrill to the sounds of authentic digging calls and epithets echoing up from the depths of Ogof Cul itself.
They can share lunch with the cavers and savour the taste of authentic gritty sandwiches and ginger cake.

The attractions Include

The History of Ogof Cul -

An illustrated lecture by Graham Christian, one of the original explorers (well, nearly original anyway)

In the unlikely event of inclement weather, lectures will be given under a tarpaulin by the hawthorn tree to the leeward side of the spoil heap

Ogof Cul Visitors Shop

Take away a souvenir of your visit - perhaps a genuine Ogof GUI boulder choke paperweight, presently on special offer at only £4.55 per kilo or -

Would you like control over your hair like Adrian P, or the stunning coiffure of Paul Stacey? then you need new

OC5 (or is it 6?) MUD SHAMPOO

(Testimonials for the efficacy of this product are available from Chris Fry and Tony White)

Radio Location

New for 1992 - tours to see the radio location surface marker, showing the end of the 1991 season explorations - the furthest and deepest point reached, at 27ff. below ground level!

Spoil Disposal

On our special open days, see traditional stone and slop walling techniques being demonstrated Alternatively, why not organise your own erection - all raw materials are provided