Trip Report - Yorkshire

Thurday 16th April

I arrived in the Dales early, ate a most excellent breakfast at Inglepals, and went for a walk up Pen-y-Ghent. Stuck my nose in Hunt Pot, looked at Hull Pot, and eyeballed Dalehead Pot. Dined at the Hill Inn, then returned to Morphet's caravans for some kip. Jim Morris and Marianne Wilson arrived later.

Friday 17th April

Jim, Marianne and myself decided on a trip into Sell Gill Holes via the active route, using the parallel shaft that more or less avoids most of the water (it had rained a lot). This trip provided me with some challenging rigging and Marianne with some valuable experience of passing rebelays and deviations. A most enjoyable trip. Jim and Marianne spent the evening at the caravan. I went off to the Marton Arms for beer and people watching. Charlie Peacock arrived later.

Saturday 18th April

Trip into Lancaster/Easegill via Cow Pot/Fall Pot (direct). A bit challenging for a short arse like me to rig, and I had difficulty finding a bolt over Fall Pot pitch head. Through the boulder choke in the floor of Fall Pot lies the main drain which was very full. Exiting was a little arduous as the connection is tight. Marianne had remained at the car, and I hurried out due to nausea. Jim and Charlie derigged. That evening, Jim and Marianne remained at Morphet's, Charlie and myself watered at the Goat Gap Hotel.

Sunday 19th April

Jim and Marianne went to play over at Long Churn. Charlie and Herman (Chelsea SS) went with one eye on the weather to Marble Steps Pot and decided on the wet entrance as the rigging looked challenging. A nice trip, and we all stayed dry just for a change. Charlie returned to Norfolk and I went to the Marton with the Chelsea mob. Met Guy Jackson and friends and did rather well at dominoes - beginners luck?

Monday 20th April

Cleared out the caravan. Jim and Marianne went SRT practising. I sat in Bernies Cafe for a while with Guy and Co, and then left for home. A very pleasant Easter, and quite uneventful. No hostility or biting dogs!

Martin Upfold